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How the Biopic will start…


Becca henry

Becca is an all-encompassing experience. San Francisco born, raised by wolves, Becca got her start on stage performing comedic burlesque before buying new bras and making her way into standup. Appearing at clubs and shows alongside some of the best talent out there, from San Francisco to Miami and really anywhere with stage time, Becca is a comedic force to be reckoned with. Known for her distinctive voice and commanding presence, Becca brings her brand of fierce, awkward humor and tales of personal chaos to take audiences through her debased thoughts, unique perspectives and impressive range of octaves.

You are a hurricane of energy. My god.
— Audience member to Becca after a show

becca’s personal accomplishments

  • Is still alive

  • Hasn’t cried since last week (may vary)

  • CPR certified (may have expired)

  • Formerly known as the Hamster Rancher